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Trigger warning: blood, fights, alcoholism, death and more. If you are not fine with it please keep yourself safe. You are loved <3

Acerina Angelica Alastair or also known as Head of Alastirs is a citizen of Heartstone Yuldai, She tends to spend her days drawing propaganda, exploring lands, meeting new people, and drinking at night.

About Acerina


Al Bastis are a spirit that has been often mistaken for succubuses. However, Al Bastis can get into people's dreams but she rather visits those "who have guilty souls" and "families that have committed bloody crimes that have gone unpunished". But if they try to quit being an Al Basti they will eventually run out of living energy and perish. Those folks can switch gender or appearance if they get powerful enough


Acerina is a 5' (152.4 cm) girl with porcelain skin and medium-length ginger hair with a white streak on her bangs. She has black ram horns and a dark red heart-tipped tail. She has an emerald green eye but her other eye is a dead-eye that has a long story. She has burn marks all over her body also half of her face. Other scars she got are a sword slash mark on her chest and claw marks on her upper right arm. If we talk about her dressing style, she tends to wear dresses. She has a foreign accent as she wasn't always in Rathnir. People call her voice soothing and relaxing. But if she is enraged her voice is calm but menacing.


Acerina tries her best to seem serious but inside she is a bit childish for a twenty-five-year-old. She is too curious for her good. She is extroverted and enjoys talking to people but overworks herself by trying to please people ironically and is also very independent. She is also really tolerating. If someone makes her uneasy she acts straightforward and puts an stop to it. She's determined with what she wants to do. She is also quite emotionally sensitive but tries to hide it. if we talk about her fears she fears death because she was close to death once and she never wants to experience it ever again. She also fears other Al Bastis being alive. she knows Al Bastis have been killed a long while ago because no alive being would like to be tormented for their sins even though it's their dreams. Things that make her mad are disrespect and ignorance. She believes everyone deserves to be heard to properly first before getting a reaction.

And as her hobbies, she likes drawing and writing unprofessionally. She couldn't find any sports to do but she loves watching sports. She attends festivals and events as a hobby. She loves gardening. She likes grilling. She also sculpts stuff into wood or on trees, she counts it as a hobby.


If someone would ask Acerina about her past, she would reply with: "I had a pretty decent life".

But back in the days, Acerina was a medic that used witchcraft and magic to heal people. Soldiers couldn't say much to that, as they were in a war. But one day when she was healing people, a chief walked in and witnessed her using witchcraft. He then reported it to their leader, who sentenced Acerina to be burned alive. But the night before the day of execution, she managed to escape to the woods. Heading west, she eventually reached the lands of Rathnir.

"At least that's all everyone knows yet..."

Her Inventions

When Acerina was thinking about things to do she sat at the crazy scientist tower with her grandpa. She noticed how strong the rays can be when you use it in a specific way. She grabbed a telescope and did modifications to it and invented a red laser, she decided to experiment on people from her old city. she pointed the red laser to the ruby on his face and shined it back into her blind eye so she assumed it was safe for the human eye but she wanted to experiment once more. She saw the leader of her old city. They were fishing and chitchatting after when they were about to go to their homes Ace asked them "Can I try something on you?" they say okay and she shines the laser in his eye, blinding his right eye. So she tries to be cautious with her projects now

Also as mentioned in her Archonal Coronation she was chattering with Vulture and Vulture needed something he called an AMP. She listened to what he need and got in the tower again working for 4 days until the morn. She designed few types of AMPs and brought them to Acrhonal Coronation

Acerina once when she was doing theories, digs into Nether and End. Because she saw and brought some end blocks to experiment on them. All she knew was Segra was from End. And some species were related to the End. And she thought there could be more in space. So she got hyped. She tries to make a rocket without killing anyone now. But due to current technology, she doesn't think she can any time soon and plans on leaving the blueprints to her two smart sons

Pre-Exile Arc


Trying to find a new home to live she traveled to Rathnir. And found herself in a cold taiga forest of northern Sparwood. As she was passing through the frosty forest, she began to pass out from hypothermia and fatigue. The last thing she saw was a silhouette of a person approaching her. After some time she regained consciousness. She felt the softness and warmness of the bed she was laying on. She opened her eyes and looked around. She saw a man sitting on a chair, working. The man introduced himself as Vasili and told her that he found her unconscious in the snow. He showed Acerina the city that she was in her old city and offered her to live here.

Pre-Exile life

After Acerina moved to town she picked up an unhealthy habit of Vasili, drinking. Their marriage was good for a short while, just a week passing Vasili began to domestically abuse Acerina. Acerina assumed it was normal. Then she adopted a kid called Skittal and was very excited to raise a kid with Vasili but when Vasili found out he locked Acerina in the basement. Then her fiance saved her. Acerina moved in with her husband afterward with Skittal. Skittal was seeking revenge for his father. He ended up killing him. After months Skittal caught a lethal disease. Acerina has tried her best to heal him, but Skittal wasn't getting any better. In his final days, she took him for walks around Sparwood and tried her best to make him enjoy his days. After time Skittal passed away. She still mourns over her first son's death

After all the heartbreaking things that happened to her, she got better by herself. She made the factory design for her old city. She attended events in other nations, for example, the Harvest Festival at the Province of Tsaeloma "Sheloma". Ace had two biological children, younger brother Benjamin Alastair and older brother Nivois B.B. Alastair. Also adopted two more kids Misfor Grotten and Neko. She also got a ginger cat called Bingus which got lost for a bit and was found in Certaria. Also when the Neko Virus started spreading from Vasili after he came back from a war, she was deeply concerned about her husband. But eventually, she needed to hide her Neko ears and tail, as she started to show Neko virus symptoms. But she saved herself from discrimination

Acerina was stubborn to start her diplomacy and political career. After she was accepted to her old city Council she ran for Hakima votes and won the election. She was normal stuff as supporting Burgamerian State. As she is starting her career and hoping she'll be successful one day she started a journal writing her steps. She was inspired by Kyle Riegler. She knows its just the start

Acerina has also written for a diplomacy application after waiting for a bit she got authorized at Haven and became the Diplomat of Haven. But as she was getting false acused she lost her posistion

Ace was looking for some jobs she could do, her wife Chi was reading the news, and she found a bartender job at Archon Coronation at Viodoxa. She showed the newspaper to Acerina and said "Look! They also look for performers and actors" Ace looked at it and thought "Bingo". She got herself ready and went to Viodoxa to talk to Vulture about what she could do. They discussed Vulture's band needing an introduction. Acerina got the scripts from Vulture. Vulture also said he needed AMPs for the band instruments, as Acerina liked inventing and making stuff she made the AMPs herself. She set them up on stage and after partying till the whole Rathnir shakes, sadly she couldn't perform on the stage because of disorganization but she performed before the horse race started. She got on stage, and introduced the band;

"In the modern world sometimes it's good to take a step back from machination and remember the good feeling of rock'n'roll. This group from Indonesia is no different. Fed up with the modern musical scene, they have taken a step forwards AND backward to remember the essence of rock'n'roll, while using the power of modern technology to enhance the sound of the past, with their unique twists. We'd like to welcome the most overpaid tribute act in Indonesia and the world, The Manbergs!"

music started, everyone enjoyed the horse race and then a few fellow her old city people and Acerina saw Ryou and decided to punch and chase him. After that Ryou got mad and pulled a beating stick. Ace put her fists up and ran at Ryou. They started to fight, Ryou landed some hits at her with the stick but as she was used to it she landed better hits and took him down. She got very smug about it and laughed hysterically

Segra's impact

Ace has seen her friend going to the Battle of fornost, which made her want to battle at The clash at axel. But she ended up being stabbed brutally by a Segra follower she couldn't stand up so she pretended to be dead. After waiting for an hour people accidentally stepped on her body, Her friend managed to find her and Acerina yelped for help. He managed to get her off the warzone safely and returned to war. She could start to recover herself when she was on her way home. When she got home safely she swore to despise anything about war unless it was for right

After few months Acerina and her ex-husband were sitting in their home Ace's grandpa knocked on their door yelling "Sword!" Ace ran to open the door. Ace, her ex-husband, Her grandpa, her step-brother Adam and her son Neko ran to Gimpi Gimpi. After a while they arrived they saw an army of skeletons coming. None of them brought armor. Ace and others ran off. Ace helped her grandpa get some food as he didn't have any with him. She couldn't see Adam and Neko. her grandpa and Acerina went back to the city. Acerina took her armor and took a long walk and boat ride from Serafaint to Gimpi Gimpi. Just before she even arrived Jericho found Acerina and stabbed her, Acerina tried to resist but failed. Jericho is a ProSegra and was hunting with his friends. After she managed to take herself out of Gimpi Gimpi to her old city and treat herself she saw Jericho again and she went to speak to him. He was pretty overloaded by all the animal noises. Acerina began the talk with "well well, guess we meet again". They had a nice chat they also went on a small tour at Ryoujing. Even though she wasn't a ProSegra, she liked hanging around with her new friend.

Yet again another day when her ex-husband and Acerina were sitting, his friend called him about the other war that was happening. Acerina stayed home mostly and got spare armor for her ex-husband just in case. He would come back home and go again. She didn't participate this time because she got bored of the wars. She did housework when she was listening to thunderbolts and screaming god noises

Post-Exile Arc

Mass divorce and cold beginning

Acerina was unfairly judged by her old town so much she was expecting to be exiled soon she got her stuff hidden under snow and waited for the day of her exile. Ace one day saw a few people waiting outside her house. Acerina knew it was the day. She wore her pink and blue cape to protect her from the cold. Little did she didn't know they didn't make her walk out nicely. they grabbed Acerina and dragged her to the floor and when he tried getting away they kicked her or pulled her harder. Acerina's goggles broke and the glass created wounds on her skin. Then they took her to the cold lake instead of the road. Ace swim out and when she reached land she didn't have time to take a deep breath or treat herself as she was too close to the walls and she could hear yelling from people telling her to leave. Acerina staggered away to take her backpack. she pulled her map and checked where she could go she couldn't go to north, north-west, east, south-east or south so she chose to go west with a boat but after a while, she got tired and slept in the boat. She felt the softness and warmness of the bed she was laying on. She opened her eyes and looked around. She saw a man sitting on a chair. She remembered the day of her arrival. She got that thought in her head and noticed it was a familiar face. Kyle Reigler. When she was still gaining her mind better she wondered why Kyle was there and she recalled a memory of her asking for the help of a few people but the only person that replied was Kyle Riegler. Kyle that day was surprised by how ready Acerina was to move out. Acerina asked where her kids were. Kyle asked for one minute and came back with Benjamin and Nivois running at her to hug her. Acerina hugged them back. She was very happy seeing her kids safe. Kyle recruited Acerina to his town. Ace went to her new little house and put her stuff in a barrel. She sat at the local park a bit resting on the picnic carpet just trying to get her mind off the fact she lost her partners and two kids. She managed to take Nivois and Benjamin but as Neko and Misfor were old enough she let them have their own life. Just thinking about all that would bring tears into her eyes but would wipe them off because she knew she was still young and she still had her two dear kids with her. She hugged Benjamin and Nivois tightly and kissed them on their foreheads. After all the stress Acerina was quite depressed. That got her ill. But she could get up and burn her marriage certificates and sell her rings away.

Gibberish Segra interview

On a pleasant evening on the fifth of July Acerina woke up to the pleasant fresh smell of vanilla cake. Ace walked down to her kitchen and checked if there were any notes. She found a note "Little welcome gift :D" wroten on it. She found no name on it, she took a big bite of the cake and admired the sweet taste. Then she got to work. She was feeling lazy that day so she just farmed. When she was dumping seeds into the composter Kyle walks to her and says "Hey Ace don't freak out but Tortugans might be after you" Acerina gets nervous "What?! Am I being targetted?" Kyle shrugged when he was reading the letter more "Maybe..." Kyle had an awkward pause "Oh wait. Pardon. Someone wants to talk to you about Segraists and Segra's chosens" Ace sighed in relief "Dear god. I was getting a heart attack!" Acerina got herself ready to welcome the traveler. That evening someone walked into the city. Ace cheerfully welcomed them to the city. Kyle jumped down from the roof and also welcomed the person. Acerina led him to the park and sat on the carpet. The man introduced himself as Ozymandias. Kyle started by talking about his personal experiences in the Segra wars. Afterward, Acerina and Avalon talked about the psychology that Segraist people are under. Acerina shared her opinion "There are people who believe their sins is a good deed and other ones just attend to wars and are not stereotypical Segraists. I don't hate Segraist people. I even have a really nice segraist friend they made me take a tour at Ryoujing!" and after that Acerina explained how she got attacked and stabbed in wars. Then Kyle gave some alcohol to Avalon. Acerina's inner drunkard got awoken once again. Acerina started to ask for some alcohol. Kyle refused Avalon shared some alcohol with Acerina then she got very drunk mid-conversation. Kyle was looking concerned yet disappointed when he was back. Kyle and Avalon continued the conversation and Acerina tried commenting with gibberish stuff. The conversation went on till midnight. And Acerina fell asleep on a picnic carpet when she woke up still drunk. And a local fellow decided to offer her some sort of milk Acerina declined and ran to the cafe where Kyle and Avalon moved. Screaming in drunkness. after a whole load of chaos, Acerina regained herself in the fence with a lot of cows holding a half-empty bucket of milk. She saw Avalon holding his laughter, the person that offered milk, then Kyle looking dead in the eyes. Ace looked nervous as she noticed what happened. Ace grinned, and just nervously said "Hello?" with a voice crack

An off cough

When Acerina was living her life normally she was still suffering from stress and depression. Some friends of hers noticed Acerina would zoon out, vomit, feel lots of pain in her joints and pass out frequently. She has no idea what it is. But she tries experimenting on herself. Her hypothesis is it's due to too much stress. She tries borrowing medications and inspecting what they have in them. But due her blacking out almost twice a day was slowing her process. It's been a few weeks Acerina had only gotten worse. She lost her appetite as well as her sleeping schedule

The Failed Assassination

It was a typical day at Solplaine. Acerina went to a bar heard people then brought herself five absinthe. Then Avalon and Spice walk in. Ace was drunk talking and laughing. Ace ran outside to get milk from the cows. Spice was also tipsy he lay down on the floor and Ace wanted to help him sober so she decided it would be a good idea to punch him in the stomach. Then Spice got mad and attacked Acerina with a war axe. Acerina dashed to Avalon and hid behind him. Eko witnessing that said "I want to kill him" and Acerina said "You can" and Eko slayed Spice using a sword. After a while Spice came back to take his items and got angered he called mercenaries Acerina and Spice started arguing. Then Acerina ran out of tolerance as she had enough on her plate and started to roast Spice. Mercenaries were laughing their asses off. Then Eko, Space, and Aspen came along geared up holding their weapons. After they told Spice to leave Solplaine Eko and Acerina left to go to Aurora Fornost to warn people about Spice and his mercenaries. Then Acerina, Eko, Aspen and Space continued enjoying their day

Start of a new job Arc, Prof. Acerina Alastir

Acerina was reading loads of books wherever she went to. And Acerina had the idea of opening a psychology office for being there in people's hard times and listening to them. She is currently trying to find a place to open the place.

In the background of that, she also started to write three books. One about human psychology, one about her life and one about her family and their interesting rules. She also thinks about making a book about gem types she experimented on but she has to get herself a part of crystals from her old town. How will she manage that? She doesn't know herself

King leaving Acerina and Birth of Ender Alastir

When Acerina was enjoying her life with King, one day she woke up and walked down to the kitchen to cook some breakfast, she noticed a letter from King and his ring on the table. It said "I don't think I can continue our relationship. I hope we can talk again and you will be okay with your sons." Acerina was dismayed. She thought of why he might've left her. But she didn't get it at all. She sat on her chair and put her hands to her face trying to deal with the shock. King was bringing her a lot of joy to Acerina and her kids and it wasn't one-sided. Thinking positively made Acerina's illness get better and she was happier when her loved ones were around her. King leaving her created an odd feeling in her chest. She waited for King to come back but after some weeks she gave up and accepted he wasn't coming back. Acerina yet stayed strong for her kids.

After some time passed, she noticed some signs of pregnancy, she thought it might be her illness. But after some months she noticed that she was pregnant. She had no idea who's kid it was and she also didn't want to worry herself to find who was the dad yet. She had already given birth 2 times so she knew she was going to be fine by herself. She gave birth to a healthy daughter and named her Ender Alastir. Despite her fatigue, she had to get up as she had a load of work to do. She drank some brews that would give her energy and got to work with her newborn daughter

The News Of The Truth And The Cold Ending.

Acerina was living her life with her sons and her newborn normally until she heard the news about her old nation was over. She got her children to go and see the nation and hows the situation was. Even though she was booted with lies hearing that made her heartache. When she arrived she saw everyone was going away. She saw some of her friends and citizen seeming upset or angry. She ran to them to ask what happened. All she could hear was "We don't want any war.", "Leader is dead." She remembered her ex-husband who had control over the nation. She ran to her grandpa and asked what happened in the Paradise war and he said they lost. Acerina's jaw dropped. She thought in her head "No way that they were just overconfident about all this...No fucking way..." She just slowly took a tour of the provinces. Then she took her last tour at the place she was thrown into the ice-cold sea. She took a bottle and filled it with its water. Then she couldn't say anything and walked back to her home with something feeling missing in her chest

Reunition with King

Acerina and her friend Joseph were meeting up the other day. And Acerina remembered their bickering. She grabbed her notebook and her pen. She looked at Joseph and asked, "Joseph, wouldya mind if I made a fan-fiction of us?" Joseph awkwardly paused then chuckled "aha? Oh, of course. What you gonna write in it?" Acerina

grinned like a Cheshire cat "Us as villains!" Joseph went "Oooo! Can't wait to see the first chapter then!" Acerina giggled "Be excited! It will be a jaw-dropper. You'll see when I read it for ya" Joseph tilted his head and gave a look to tell Acerina he doesn't mind. Joseph remembered to tell her something. "Oh Ace, by the way, you know King?" Acerina paused "...My ex-husband? Yeah?" "He wanted me to give you his coordinates." Acerina was pretty much stunned. She just nodded and took the letter from him.

After their nice picnic, Acerina told Joseph hasta-la-vista she got back home. She was boiling with the feel of agitation. She held the letter and she was pretty near to using it as fuel for her cookies. But she stopped. "I can't..." she sighed and opened the letter.

"Greetings Acerina,

I know that we aren't on really good terms right now. But I thought for a long time about me and our marriage. And I already knew, that leaving you with your kids alone like that was a bad move. It wasn't about you. And I don't want to write it only in the letter. So if you desire this is my coords. (XXXX/XXXX) maybe we could sit there and talk through it together. But I completely understand if you won't come here. I'm not forcing you.

I also implore you to think about this. As it's an important thing.


King "

Acerina was in a combination of sadness and being surprised. She decided to prepare her kids' food for a week and decided to visit King. She called her big son Nivois to discuss that. Nivois thought if he could take care of his baby sister and his brother. He knew that Benjamin would be pretty reliable. He nodded in agreement. "No problem, mom. But I am too lazy to go to market. You prepared some food?" Acerina nodded and showed inside the kitchen barrel. Nivois nodded again "Okay, cool then! Have a nice trip. And please, for the love of god don't worry about us. I'm a big boy now" Acerina chuckled "Mother feelings. If you need anything, ask Kyle or Axar. Axar is a chaotic but yet a nice guy!" Nivois gave a thumbs up and yelled "Benji! Ma is leaving for a week you would be okay with it?" Benjamin yelled back "Ya! But let me say bye-bye first!" Benjamin ran down to hug Acerina "Where are you going ma?" Acerina picked Benjamin up "Just going to meet up with a friend. I plan to stay for a week. I might turn back early though! Depends. I trust you and your brother won't be naughty" she kissed both of her sons' foreheads. "I am going tomorrow so maybe perhaps we could go and take a walk outside?" Nivois took Benjamin's sword from the wall "well, Benjamin will need this for the Ants. Let's go" Benjamin yelled "Yipee!! Lemme also get Ender. We can't leave her here!"

And also after their family walk the next morning Acerina was off on her way to King's lands. She checked her compass that was gifted by one of her old town fellows. More closer she got more she was struggling with keeping her true emotions on leash. But she gave in. At that point, she kept walking. Hoping to find something still thought was hers.

And there was it. Or should've she said, "he"? King looked at Acerina. He seemed happy yet also guilty for leaving her like that. He opened his arms for Acerina and tried going for a hug. But instead, Acerina furiously walked to him, grabbed him by the neck of his shirt and pulled him closer to her face, "You thought you could leave me like that?" Acerina mumbled. King knew he messed up. He sighed, rested his forehead on hers and wrapped his arms around her. Acerina was trying so hard to seem tough. But she gave in and pulled him close to kiss him. "I'm sorry. Please don't do it again" she said as she wrapped her arms around him as well. King nodded "I won't. I'm sorry," he said as he softly rocked her whilst hugging her. Ace looked at King "And uh, I gave birth to a daughter" King paused for a bit "You did what?" Acerina nodded "she mostly looks like you. But I don't know. She might also be from one of my old partners." King looked a bit stressed. "I mean, if she looks like me then she might be my kid. Unless you married to someone in my species before." Acerina shook her head as no "No I haven't" King's expression changed to a happy, relieved face. "You got a picture of her?" Acerina slip her hand into her pocket and pulled a picture of Ender. King took the photo and chuckled "She is so cute." They stayed there for five days. Then Acerina asked him if he wants to come back with her. King was nervous because he knew his son Nivois knew everything. Nivois was a very protective kid. especially for his family. Yet King accepted to go with her

When they came back home and checked the garden they saw Axar and the kids playing. King raised his eyebrow "Is that a babysitter?" Acerina chuckled "No he is my neighbour. I told Nivois to call him if he needs something. I can't see Nivois there though" "Because I am right here, Mom. And dad apparently..." King offered a handshake "Been a while Nivois. How have you been?" Nivois shook his hand with a natural look "I been okay. How about you? I wonder how have you been" he gave a slight glare. King sighed "Well...Haven't done much. I was just in my town" Nivois crossed his arms "Cool. Welcome home, in case you plan on staying." he walked past them to his siblings. King watched him walk away "Wow, he grew up very much" Acerina pat King's shoulder "Yeah. He is now sixteen! Time passes so fast right?" King nodded. He was going to stay this time. But would he be on better terms with Nivois? Guess the time would tell

Personal Life

Love life

Her First Marriage, Vasili Kuznetsov

Status: Divorced, husband deceased

She and Vasili got married on 14 March. Their marriage overall started very well until Vasili domestically abused Ace over anything. Vasili being drunk all the time wasn't making this any better. People have tried saving Ace several times and tried to divorce him from Vasili. But even after everything people did Ace couldn't divorce. For example, one time Ace and her friends heard Ace being trapped in the basement. Her friend broke into the house to the basement and made Ace escape with a boat to Aiur he had to leave Ace for a bit. Ace waited by side of the dock until Vasili's friend and Vasili found where Ace was waiting and tried taking her back home. Just at that moment, Her friend came back and they ran into a house and hid inside. His friend found a way to break in and they ran back to the dock. They successfully managed to escape. Ace and her friends thought about where to go so Vasili and his friend couldn't find them. They roved their boat to Maxstadt. Vasili thought of where they could go and he thought of Maxstadt as well. After her friends and Acerina took pictures and explored Maxstadt they heard someone chuckling in the background. Then Ace thought it was a Maxstadt citizen walking by. The next thing she heard was slash noises and someone falling to the floor. Looking behind in fear Ace saw her friends on the floor. Looking up slowly and seeing her husband Vasili with a sword, cowered with blood she just stared in disbelief and sadness her friends struggling on the floor. Vasili just said "Hi!" in a cheerful tone. That day has scarred Ace for life. Luckily her friends survived. Vasili's only comment on that day was "I got jealous". A few months later she adopted her first kid Skittal and Vasili freaked out about it and locked her inside their basement again and threaten her to forget they adopted a kid or he would beat her she tried to be against it but sadly she had to lie to get away Skittal witnessing his father being abusive to his mother have made him mad. Ace's husband heard Acerina's yelp for help and broke into the house to save Acerina. That day was the day Acerina noticed she wanted to divorce Vasili. Vasili refused to divorce so she went to her priest husband and asked for help. He successfully divorced Acerina and Vasili. Vasili became an alcoholic again. After Acerina moved to her friend's house, Skittal couldn't bare with the rage he is going through and killed Vasili that night. Acerina was upset things went too far her child was upset and mad over this. she wanted her kid to be the happiest. She felt like she failed because of the wrong choice she made with her love life


Her Second Marriage, Chi

Status: Married, parter lost(?)

One day Acerina and her grandpa decided to go on a walk to Paradise to Syrgorod. When they were at the city square Acerina saw a beautiful woman with long red hair and the eyes of a Tigers Eye crystals. Acerina offered Chi some potatoes and asked her name, the girl introduce herself as Chi then Ace offered Chi to come with them on the trip. When they were having the trip Ace's grandpa noticed that Acerina couldn't take her eyes off Chi and jokingly said "You guys should get married" Ace instantly starts saying "YES YES YES" About a day later Chi started to live in abbeys of her old city. One day when she found blood-red crystals on her arms she started her mass project, Crystal Discoveries. But now that her wife is lost she thinks she got killed and grieves over it. Even though she left where she expected her wife to be she had to leave for her safety and care. She will remember her forever.


Her first child, Skittal

Appearance: Skittal had slightly almond skin color, blue hair, and green eyes. Skittal was a human. He had long fluffy hair. He always looked healthy because Ace took care of him well. He would like to wear casual outfits

Personality and Life: Before Skittal witnessed Ace getting abused he was pretty cheerful and happy like all the kids. But afterward, he went very cold forwards everyone but Acerina. Acerina managed to take him to her secret house and raise him with her husband King. Ace wouldn't come back until night. Skittal was a silent kid, King would talk to him and make him feel relieved. Skittal trusted him after a few talks. King would teach him to survive in wild, to defend himself, to cook, and more. He was convinced he is what a true father is. As Skittal's parents were gone and he didn't know why or how. He would value his adoptive parents a lot. But after he witnessed how bad Vasili was getting he slowly lost his temper and the night Acerina came back home absolutely beaten he grabbed Ace's sword, broke into Vasili's house, and slashed his head off. Of course, a kid seeing gore scarred him for his life he slowly walked home and saw Ace trying to find him, she was worried. Acerina turns her head to the left and sees her son covered in blood holding her ex-husbands head. Skittal was tearing up. Ace ran at her son and hugged him tightly. Ace kept apologizing, but Skittal remained silent. Ace came back to her home holding Skittal in her arms. King was already worried but Ace has told him to not go with her as it was late. King rushed to them and hugged them both tightly. Skittal started to sob. He picked up Skittal and cleaned the blood from his face. He talked to Skittal about the whole thing. Skittal kept insulting Ace's ex-husband. King listened to every bit of it. offered to hang around with him and Ace after he takes a shower. Skittal nodded. When Skittal was showering King sat next to Ace on the sofa and gave her a warm hug. Acerina would expect people to be careless. But her husband would prove her otherwise. When Skittal was back they had family time to calm down Skittal. After Skittal went to sleep Ace and King talked about Skittal's mental health. They went out on Sparwood lands to find a psychiatrist. They searched all the continent but there was no psychiatrist anywhere. They tried their best to deal with it by themselves while searching for other places via radio or newspapers. But their help didn't do much to Skittal. He caught a disease. As more time goes his condition got worse. He couldn't get out of his bed and sometimes would refuse to drink or eat. King and Acerina knew there was barely hope because over fifty percent of the world wasn't even graduated from high school. They tried to keep Skittal happy to the day he dies. After just a week he passed away

Her second child. Nivois

Wiki: Nivois B.B Alastir


Nivois is a 5'10 (177 cm) kid with pale skin and messy blonde hair. He has ice blue eyes. He has burn marks on him from some bad experiences. If we talk about her clothing style, she tends to wear formal clothes no matter what.

Life in the old city

He lives a happy life in the old city he was in. He gets forced to socialize and that's the only problem for him. He got a good relationship with his father but hates the fact that Undye favorites him other than his brothers. He only acts cheerful around his mother and his brothers. When he is with his mom he learns how diplomacy works. He wants to be a Diplomat one day. Also, he is neutral with Segra. He finds people's panic hilarious but doesn't like who causes it

Exile and meeting his step-father

Nivois and his brother Benjamin were there when Acerina was in her most stressful time. But Acerina never reflected it to Nivois or Benjamin. Nivois caught her mother feeling off. He went to have a conversation with her mother about that. Acerina refused to talk about it Nivois said "I am 16 mum you don't need to hide anything from me. I can support you" Acerina finally gave up and told him she was going to be exiled soon and she didn't know what to do to keep them happy. Nivois said Benjamin and himself were happier with Acerina and wanted to live with her. Acerina sighed in happiness and relief. Nivois said he could speak to his little brother without scarring him or causing trauma. Acerina thanked him but said she should do it herself. Nivois didn't watch what his mother said and went to his brother playing outside and called him to speak to him. Nivois explained that Acerina was going to be exiled and he knew he liked her mother much and he didn't have to experience Nivois being the favourite child and Benjamin trying to make him proud constantly due to their birth father. Benjamin seemed upset but agreed. Nivois helped him pack his stuff and Acerina spoke with him and gave an explanation and Benjamin said he already knew from Nivois. Acerina has a blend of emotions but mostly she was proud of both of them.  Acerina called them both to the kitchen and they made a plan to get them out of there. They planned to go west with a boat and go to the first land they see and walk to a specific continent. She also mentioned that sea is dangerous to travel through the sea this early morning. Nivois thought it wasn't that bad but didn't speak up as he had his own plan.

The night before Acerina's exile after Acerina fell asleep resting on the table Nivois and Benjamin left the house Nivois stole a boat and got Benjamin's belongings in the boat. Made Benjamin get in the boat with him but someone stopped them they looked back and saw Acerina's husband King. He said, "Where you kids are going without an adult?" Nivois tried excusing the fact he is 16 but King didn't let them go by boat and said "there's a lot of waves today. You guys ain't going by sea...But ı can walk you, little guys, there" They both agreed. King picked Benjamin up as he was very tired. He also got Benjamin's stuff. He asked where Nivois' stuff was Nivois said he didn't bring them. They started to walk home Nivois ended up feeling bad and admitted his mom doesn't know they were going to go tonight. King seemed mildly dissatisfied and told he should've told Acerina and told him she is going to be worried. After they arrived home King woke up Acerina. Acerina got really happy to see her husband and hugged him tightly. But after her happiness, she got confused and ask how he got here as King lives in their main house on another continent. King hugging her back explained how he caught Nivois and Benjamin leaving at night when the sea was full of waves. Acerina sighed and slowly turned to Nivois and Benjamin and clarified calmly but worried how risky it could be for them and they could die. Nivois apologised and said it was his plan. Acerina looked at the time and said they will need to walk on foot now. Acerina was too exhausted to go with them so she said she would go in a few hours after she sleeps. King took them around South-West. They walked to another continent together. They also had a lunch stop at pirate land, Tortuga. Nivois saw Benjamin having a big smile and saying "I want to be a pirate when ı grow up!" Nivois pat his little brother's head and promised he would make a boat for him when they arrive King just replied " Me two" Both Benjamin and Nivois turned to him. Nivois said "I'm feeling trolled" King replies "Hi trolled, I'm dad" Benjamin takes it seriously and hugs King's knees sobbing and saying "Dad! Dad!" That actually made King go "aww" in his mind and picked Benjamin up hugging him. They continued their road and Benjamin used King as transportation. King was checking the sea he saw the waves were gone now. He said "Kids we can use the boat now" Benjamin instantly wakes up the hearing boat and looks hyped. Nivois shrugs and says "sure". King brought a boat and put their items in when they got in the boat. they started to go around the sea. Nivois was holding his little brother so he wouldn't slip by getting distracted. After a few hours, they arrived at the port. When they arrived they saw someone waiting for them. King was confused. The man introduced himself as a town mayor Kyle Reigler, a friend of Acerina and said he found Acerina blacked out in the snow and took her to his town and he found a note in her hand and it was telling what happened to her and who she wanted the person who finds so they could help her together incase she cant make it. He said she was fine and she gained consciousness after a while but fell asleep again. They got worried for Acerina. Kyle took them to his town. King walked to the room Acerina was in. Acerina was covered in bruises, wounds and some frost bites. King sat on a chair and held her hands caressing them. Acerina slowly woke up. She saw her husband and her kids. She pulled King to hug him tightly and said she was so happy seeing them in good, healthy condition. Acerina pecks his cheek. Nivois and Benjamin were staring in the background watching them being affectionate and Nivois just mumbles to Benjamin "Give them some time" then Nivois looked back at them and Acerina was literally choking King with a hug. Acerina also turned to Nivois and Benjamin and her eyes sparkled more she said "My little ducklings, come here too!" Benjamin pulled Nivois jumped to them and hugged them tightly. Nivois rested to them. They looked like a happy family picture. King had to gasp for air then he said "Well, I guess we can live here. It's warmer than that breezy land that freezes my blood. Acerina said she had money to buy a house they could live in for now and then said they could build one. King nodded and continued hugging them. That was how the whole action ended that evening. After Acerina felt better they looked for a house and then they went to the beach to take stuff out of their head

Nah, I ain't letting this slide

Nivois was continuing his life normally. Until he saw her mother out with her friend and she was walking back home pretty upset. He walked upstairs and secretly watched her. He saw Acerina had a letter in her hand. Nivois frowned. Wondered what was that letter and who was it from. He saw Acerina trying to use the letter as fuel, but then she mumbled "I can't..." He watched her every move closely. He noticed how agitated she was. As she opened the letter she noticed the coordinates at the back of it and wrote it in his mind. He tried reading her lips to see what she was saying. He noticed it was an apology letter that was about her getting abandoned. He knew what was going to happen. He walked upstairs to her brother and her baby sister and waited for Acerina to call him downstairs. When Acerina called him she explained everything. Nivois already knew but pretended that he knew nothing. He just asked her if he had to go to the market for food. Acerina said she already cooked some food. And if he needed anything he should go to their neighbour Axar. Lastly, Nivois said "Okay, cool then! Have a nice trip. And please, for the love of god don't worry about us. I'm a big boy now." Then he informed his little brother Benjamin. Acerina brought them to walk together. When they came back and slept Nivois was wide awake. Preparing for leaving after Acerina leaves. He hid his bag under his bed and waited until morning.

The next morning after he said goodbye to her mother he went to Axar and asked if he could babysit Benjamin and Ender. Axar declined t first. Nivois pulled some cash and offered it to him. Axar shrugged and accepted and made his way to their house. Nivois fastly went to the storage under the ground and went through the nether portal for a shortcut. He started to climb trees and caves. But when he looked at the map and then at the compass he noticed the compass was just spinning like crazy he knew he was pretty fucked up. He sighed and just continued to walk until he found a portal.

It was bull's eye but it was in the King's town's basement. Nivois was very hungry and the first thing he saw was the rats and the horses. His mouth was watering so he just grabbed a rat and was about to devour it. But he paused. He remembered rats can carry illnesses. so he opened his bag for a piece of salmon. It was cooked in the nether as he was walking. he just devoured it in one bite and tried offering the fish bones to rats. Afterwards, he went upstairs silently. Then he started to sneak around. He saw King sitting on a chair patiently waiting for Acerina. He had some time to question the situation. He thought of King caring about Acerina was a good thing. But on other hand, his abandoning them pissed him off so much. He knew Acerina would try to keep her drama away. But he had sneaked around to learn what was in the background like he always did. Nivois sighed and looked up at the sky. He would sometimes miss having a father around him. Nivois had declared himself as the leader of the house since the exile. He turned back to look at King. He remembered how nice he was. And he remembered how caring he was to his brother Benjamin. Nivois frowned. He waited until her mother arrived

When her mother arrived he saw how broken she was feeling. But saw they seemed to enjoy each other's company. That made him pissed off a bit. He listened to their talks. About her baby sister and everything. Then he started to make his way home. But he had to take a break at Alfheim to rest, then continued his way home. He saw Acerina and King entering Solplaine. He fastly jumped over the fence and got inside the house to pretend he haven't left.

When Acerina and King returned and checked where the kids were, Axar and the kids played. King raised his eyebrow "Is that a babysitter?" Acerina chuckled "No he is my neighbour. I told Nivois to call him if he needs something. I can't see Nivois there though" "Because I am right here, Mom. And dad apparently..." King offered a handshake "Been a while Nivois. How have you been?" Nivois paused for a few seconds he was holding back his anger. He shook his hand "I been okay. How about you? I wonder how have you been" he ended up with a slight glare. King sighed "Well...Haven't done much. I was just in my town" Nivois crossed his arms "Cool. Welcome home, in case you plan on staying." he walked past them to his siblings. He just picked his baby sister up and hugged her when he watched Benjamin play with Axar

Her Third Child, Benjamin

Appearance: Benjamin is an avarage height kid with light natural skin and slight blondish ginger hair. He has emerald green eyes like her mother. He has ADHD. He loves learning to PVP in many different styles. Also wants to be a pirate when he grows up

His life: Benjamin was born on June 24 in Acerina's old city. Since he was young he would struggle to have a hard time focusing and other symptoms. Acerina brought him to a doctor for a check-up, and he was diagnosed with ADHD. Acerina's ideas about him didn't change but his father was starting to favorite his brother Nivois. But luckily they didn't have a fall-out. So Acerina after tolerating this for a while noticed Benjamin and Nivois weren't happy so she took them to her house and kept them away from their father for a while. Benjamin felt slightly better. But as he was having his best days and was playing in the garden his brother informed him that their mom was going to be exiled. Benjamin broke down secretly but he didn't want to upset her mother and brother. After they make a plan and Nivois ditches the plan by going early to the dock. That was when he met his step-father King. After their journey, he loved King so much that he refused to accept that he wasn't his birth father. He is currently having a nice life with her mother and brother. And when King stays there for a few weeks Benjamin would try to have plans to do with him and wouldn't forget to add Nivois and his mother

The Actual Past and Old Pals returns

Acerina finally managed to forgive the past after her incident and decided to get in contact with her old friends. She decided to invite them to Heartstone Yuldai

Dandelion and the Rose

(This event is not proof that I tried to overthrow a government. This is the story I wrote with people's consent.)

Another hidden memory she had was A young man called Joseph. They went on countless adventures. One of the signature moments she had with him was him giving her a fresh and beautiful Rose. And Acerina ran to get a flower for him, the only flower she could find were a few dandelions. So she came back with a dandelion bracelet. Joseph had a cheerful smile on his face and he said that was their iconic item. Everywhere they go they would wear those as accessories, or when Acerina was upset He would give Acerina a rose. Or they would practice fighting together by the lake. But when their friendship was going well, Acerina was getting abused by Joseph's friends. It got so bad she started to give PTSD reactions. Acerina was in a very bad situation and wanted people to notice how she was affected so they would stop. But no one cared, they went at her for that. It made her worse. And she ended up hating everyone. And Joseph was feeling uneasy because it included his brother

Until Acerina had another attack and Joseph had enough slapped Acerina across the face and yelled "I also had PTSD but I am not irresponsible like you." Acerina froze in shock and rage. She wasn't irresponsible at all. She was trying so hard for two years. What he said didn't calm her, it made Acerina launch herself at him and continue the psychical fight. Both of them took it too far by using knives. She thought she could take him. But Joseph was way stronger than her, and he won. Not only by fighting but also by words that pierced Acerina's heart. Acerina lost her balance and fell. Joseph grabbed Acerina by her hair bangs and held a knife to her neck, looking at her furiously. Acerina felt the edge slicing her neck softly. She cried "Get away from me! Let me go!" He let her go. Acerina grabbed the neck of his shirt "I will always hate them. They crossed my boundaries. Suck it up." she mumbled. Joseph slapped her across the face hard as he can and stood up, leaving her there. The next morning Acerina woke up and saw him packing his stuff she tried to go to him but her body was hurting so bad. She told him to don't leave and she was sorry. He stopped by the door to look at Acerina hardly standing. He felt bad and apologised for stabbing her and talking that way. Acerina was feeling loads of regret "I'm sorry for starting this" She replied. And they both sat down and started to talk about the situation

Afterwards, Acerina tried getting help but it didn't do much, as people got on her nerves more on purpose. She snapped. Also, her friend injected hate into Acerina. He had ill intentions. He made Acerina seem like she planned everything, but he told her the plan to Acerina and she was going to do it. Night of March seven, the whole kingdom was shaken by the uncountable explosions that made the city turn into ruins in a matter of seconds. When the leader ran to his room, it was trashed. The only thing on the table was a note saying he should meet someone on the north side of the castle walls. He went there. He saw Acerina. She told him about how she got betrayed and she won't forgive them. She pushed a button and exploded where he was standing then jumped down and left the city burning

After Acerina's exile, she would say how rough it was living, Joseph would say he wants to see it. Acerina finally gave up and gave her address. Acerina is waiting for him to arrive at the moment

King's return to Rathnir

The first person she met was King, her beloved husband. King and Acerina talked through letters that they wanted to meet up and finally have some quality time together once again after her exile. He told Acerina to meet him at nether. When Acerina arrived there King made an entrance by landing with a boat. As she saw him Acerina went for a hug with a huge joy and knocked him over. As King was pretty much a slime he was scared to dissolve in nether like that so he picked his boat and Acerina up and carried her through the portal. Then put her down and asked if she wanted to see his old place. Acerina said, "Yeah! Show me the way". King showed the old lands he lived in and explained how much he had fun there in past. They had a small picnic with bread and potatoes. King also showed off his skills at how to build what he calls "Amongus statues" They had a nice walk. And Acerina kinda starts to vent about how her life was so thought after her exile. King said "You can always leave as I did. If there are people that truly care about you they'll keep a connection with you" But Acerina wasn't ready to die yet. At the end of their walk, both of them were too tired to go back home. When they tried to figure out how they will go back home King held Acerina's hand and went to a small hill and offered to sleep there. There were not many cosy spaces so it was the best place to sleep at. Before they went to sleep Acerina made a campfire and reminded her husband how much he means to her. The next morning she went to the road to say goodbye to King for now. Acerina was upset that he had to go but she tried to not get emotional. She hugged him tightly shedding a few tears. King noticed it and wiped her tears off and caressed her cheeks. He sighed "Oh Ace...Don't cry love. I know you feel lonely. We will meet again soon I promise" Acerina just put her hands on his hands and nuzzled her face to them before he goes. She truly was holding on to a thread

The ex-pirate Jojo

Acerina decided to send a letter to one of her friends. And two weeks later she got a fancy letter. She hoped it was her exile being removed. But it was better, the person who taught her to be a leader. He was coming just a day later. She jumped in excitement. She tried to waste all her energy that day to get to tomorrow faster. But even though she was tired that night she couldn't sleep from the excitement

The next morning she woke up and rubbed her eyes. She looked at the clock that she taped to her roof. She saw he was going to be there in ten minutes. She wore her basic outfit as she didn't have time to put her corset on. She saw Benjamin and Nivois working. She offered both of them to come with her to meet a great leader she used to be friends with. They walked to a field and he saw someone looking like a pirate with a huge hat. Benjamin ran at him as he is a huge fan of pirates. The man looked down and chuckled then looked at Acerina while picking Benjamin up "Damn how many kids do you have Ace?" Ace shrugged "5 sons 3 daughters. Well nice to see you, Jojo!" Jojo just stood there shocked then said "Nice to see you too old fellow!" Benjamin took his hat "You don't have the funny accent?" he asked Jojo. He replied with "Well I ruled pirates at once other than all the other people" Nivois chuckled "You are going to teach me your ways, sir Jojo" Jojo pats his head to piss Nivois off. They took a full tour around most of Haven then Jojo said he had to leave due to a court case. Acerina gives him a fist bump "Have fun old man." Both Nivois and Benjamin liked him a lot and Jojo promised to visit once more


Acerina in her UniTraveller's Uniform

By very talented artist Ivy (Quaza)#1337 thank you <3

(Don't try it at home)

Acerina's dear sons Nivois and Benjamin

R.I.P. The old portrait

Acerina's stong and smart father (Character idea by my irl father)

An old picture of Avalon and Acerina