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TheOrderlyDisorder TheOrderlyDisorder 27 February

The Orderly Disorder


Look forward to bringing you the truth about Eldham!

Make sure to contact us at TheOrderlyDisorder#6401 if you have a story!

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JohnnyBoi864 JohnnyBoi864 27 January



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Tucimam11 Tucimam11 17 November 2021



Is a lone girl on the run from his own kingdom, which conquered the occupied and assassinated kingdom of Lutum, she is orc and people don't like her for her looks, now she survives somewhere in the swamp, and people from Lutum who killed her familly, they planted a seed of hatred against people, she began to raid and rob people and now, but styll somewhere inside her hearth is hidden good

She, her family and her people came from the land far to the east, when their land was invaded by dragons and destruction in the form of fire. they came with the promise of a new life. They founded the prosperous city of Babylus. but it was not forever.

It began with the arrival of one from the Kingdom of Lutum.

He threatened destruction and death


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Update on Mongrim

I have finished the main door frame and begun on other parts such as the two other door frames and a few more base supports (for lack of better term)

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Spy6gagen101 Spy6gagen101 29 August 2021

The Nation Of Mountaineers

The Nation Of Mountaineers will rise as a small nation in the northern

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W9rl0ck W9rl0ck 9 August 2021

first blog...

I've been doing programming for a long time(almost 2 years) and still am a baby.

because Codewars hit me depressed that i was still not good enough...

But thanks to it, i've learned new other programming techniques that are important

and i am continuously learning... very tedious but awhile, it'll come dreams to fruition...

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WanderersGuild WanderersGuild 15 July 2021


Hey, I made this today 15.07.21

  • 1 Biography
    • 1.1 Wizards Of Aeynär
    • 1.2 Xela's Secret Weapons
    • 1.3 Xela's Other Stuff
    • 1.4 Xela's Family
      • 1.4.1 The Human Brother

Xela the Wanderer also known as the Wanderer, the Blue Shadow and Xela is the divine ancient wizard who is said to be older than the world and came to Rathnir to create peace and keep the world balanced. Xela is a Aeynär (Wizard) and are one of 5 wizards in The Order Of Aeynär.

As a wizard, Xela has a mission to complete with strict rules from the Creator of the universe (God). The task is simple to keep the world he is placed in balanced and protect it when needed. Together with the 4 other wizards in the The Order Of Aeynär, they must take care of the world without being suspicious. Even though th…

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Starting construction on the Capitol of Iron Scar

I am the head builder (and only as of right now) of the capitol city of Iron Scar: Mongrim

if you would like to help, there will be no payment in the form of gold/iron or any currency but rather we you will be there for the over all help and contribution to the build. if you would like to come visit, the cords are -4888 7242.

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Sabastion Rose Sabastion Rose 6 July 2021

The Light

My Name, yes my Name is Sabstion Rose. My life began melenials ago, in the Castel named Haven, there I was a son a son of the light born to see and watch the cilvilisations rising and falling on Earth, This particular Earth i would fall in love with, for what i do things ive never could imagine. The Fathers or Gods someone might say, never allowed someone to visit Earth, that would be one of the greatest betrails someone could do to the Fathers, Betrail their laws and invate in the empire called Earth. When someone life that long without a phisical

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Unocps Unocps 20 January 2021

my brother is dummb

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