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PLEASE ADD ANY MAP YOU MAKE TO THE MOST FITTING SECTION, or feel free to make new sections if required.

This page is dedicated to uploading maps that depict Rathnir. Every map uploaded here should have a caption of its contents and the date it depicts.

Latest Official Rathnir World Map

This is the link to Juno4321's ImgBB page where new and updated maps are regularly posted: (Juno's maps can no longer be posted here due to file size, so make sure to check out their page for their map updates!)

NebularSpace's World Map Updates can be seen here:

Map Update as of 03 July 2022 (by NebularSpace#7970):

Expanded Maps of Rathnir (to include off-map locations)

Historical Political Maps

Culture Maps

Regional Political Maps

BSS Maps

City and Satellite Maps

Blank Maps of Rathnir

Empires at their Greatest Extent

A map of all the territories that Esharia has ever owned (not including the Triumvirate of Denumain)

Race Maps

Original map of the Lost Isles of Mardelska (fully inhabited by Slimerion race.)