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Moyye's Maze was an event maze that was open on January 18th, 2022 at 8 pm EST. During the event, Developer Moyye scattered $600k worth of items and artifacts across a randomly generated maze,


After Moyye hyped up the world of both Rathnir and Eldham, to surpass Rathnir's 1 million dollar lottery, he won the grand prize of 600 thousand dollars. The people, outraged, screamed at Moyye for rigging the lottery in his favor. As a compromise, Moyye put 600k worth of items in a chest randomly in the world. When this proved too hard to find, he instead constructed Moyye's Maze and the first person to complete it would get most of the prize money.

Psychological Horror

An example of Psychological Horror used within the Maze

The Maze caused most of Rathnir and Eldham to go into a frenzy. At first, people were blinded by the prospects of obtaining artifacts. Slowly, the players in the maze started losing their mental stability and started going insane. Signs throughout the maze began to gaslight the players, causing most to lose their concentration and become lost in the maze.

The true size of the maze remains unknown. There are between 4 and some say as many as 24 stages in the Maze. The first 4 stages are: stone, nether, sand, and snow. The fact that the true size and scope of the maze is hidden adds on to the encroaching fear that players show while in the maze.

The Maze has been designated by a large minority of players to be equivalent to Purgatory or Hell, and there were even theological debates about whether Moyye's Maze was in fact the purgatory in every Eldhamite religion.

User Coffeeccubus often referred this as a comparison to Sliske's Labrynth from RuneScape.