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Msafr Zerron

A deep dive into the life and saga of Msafr Zerron. A boy who was set to achieve nothing, be nothing and do nothing. Thought of as average in every way by his peers. Just one small grain of sand in this overwhelming world of chaos. Msafr for the longest time thought this of himself too until he realized he could be more, he could do more, he could see more. At the realization of this, he didn't want just more he wanted it all, he wanted to do all he could. No matter how little of an impact he would leave on this earth, he wanted to leave it. A story, not a saga was forged in Eldham and that Saga will forever exist even when Msafr lies dead under the ground. Even when the world is no more, when time has its end, Msafr's saga will remain engraved in the thread of life.

Born and Forgotten

Born in west Eldham and similarly forgotten in west Eldham. Growing up in a desert town known as "Hevti" Msafr was quite the trouble maker. At a young age, he started to steal the miners' coal, and iron, and on days where he felt even more mischievous gold. Often getting into conflicts with the people of the town or neighboring towns and cities. On one unforgettable day he with 2 other boys similar to his age of 14 at the time, engaged in a long conflict with a leader of such neighboring towns. He used the ores he took from the miners to make crude weapons. The endeavor ended with 3 men badly injured, and 2 hurt slightly. As repercussion leaders of his town and the others punished the boys making them spend a week in jail and paying a steep fine. Msafr could never remember why they were fighting but he just knew there was a fight and he wanted in on it. He kept doing such activities, stealing from other citizens, fighting with others, paying fines, and spending nights in jail. Until his savings that he accumulated through legal and not so legal activities were stolen. The now 17-year-old boy speculated that one of the many people he stole from had figured out or maybe the ones who knew he stole had just had enough and taken what he earned. He could not afford his taxes, and subsequently, his joy in life thievery had been what got him thrown out and abandoned once again.

Exile in The Dessert

Packing what little things he had left Msafr left Hevti as he wished it fair well. He had not disliked it there he quite enjoyed living there but, alas his kleptomania had been his downfall. Well, he figure not to drag out the endeavor by trying to stay, so he left days before required. What rations that he had packed were used up within at least a week. Maybe if he had not been so crazy he would have been back home eating decently and not full of quench and starvation. Maybe had he not been so selfish he would have never been exiled. Maybe had he not engaged in conflict with neighboring towns he could seek housing there. Weeks went by, surviving on what little food and water he could find. Summer came upon the desert and the heat in the day and the cold nights were unbearable, yet they continued. At times the question of why popped into his brain, why was he continuing, why should he not just end it, no one would miss him. But some innate feeling kept him going, a need for survival. As Summer passed he found an ocean, he drank from it knowing it would be salty, knowing it would not quench his thirst but he still drank. There he decided if he could survive that he could survive anything. Wishing for something better he left to the sea on a boat forged from the palm trees of the shore.

Something More Something Better

Leaving the desert where he had experienced months maybe even a year or two of isolation, along with going through the most challenging thing he thought he would ever experience Msafr set sail on his raft. For maybe a month or two it was smooth sailing, but an unexpected storm appeared, he had nearly drowned 17 times. As his raft flipped and broke over and over he once again was wondering why he was pushing on. He took the storm as a message, a message that he was getting what he deserved. Knowing the world wished him death, almost succumbing to his desire of death he was knocked unconscious as his raft broke and the storm sent the debris flying into his skull. Washing up onto a small island he pondered on why he had survived, why the Gods wished him death but then saved him. Maybe it was the fact that he realized that they punishing him, maybe it was that they wanted to help but needed to show him the consequences. He never figured out why he was saved by the world that sought to destroy him but he knew that he was alive and he needed to cherish it. He settled in on the island for a while the time was lost there as he was finally content. He had made a small house that he was very pleased with. He had never experienced such a feeling of joy that came from doing things on his own before, but he enjoyed it. He taught himself how to make weapons, how to farm, how to fish, and how to survive. Eventually, he had decided he had learned what he needed to learn. Before once again setting sail on a much more substantial boat he decided he was a new man a new person and a new person he needed a new name. It was at this moment the name Msafr was chosen and his former name was forgotten. Maybe a year or so of sailing in a much more he had discovered a peninsula in the dune sea. Greeted by the people who had lived there he asked for permission to live inside the nation of Azad. That day he became an Azadian. And a new chapter of his life was ready to be experienced, and he was ready for it.

A New Life in Azad

The people of Azad were kind and friendly, he had befriended the leader of Azad CSkiddy along with many others such as Citizen, Imviplayss, Rocko, BMan, MrPiggy, and became acquainted with Kalidrian, TranstonicEngineer. He recruited a quite few people into Azad too and similarly befriended them. Soon becoming an apprentice brewer under Rocko he was given free living space in the brewery and was taught the ways of brewing. Msafr took quite a liking to such brewing and started what some would call an "obsession" with finding brewing recipes and brewing them to perfection. The whole order of solving riddles, placing in the perfect amount of ingredients and boiling them for specific times then letting them age for months was so satisfying to him. He became comfortable with his new home and grew quite fond of it now knowing this is where he was meant to be. A wealthy land with many opportunities to learn, explore, and craft. He may not have played a big role in Azad, but he didn't want to as he claimed to friends. Content with his living he was keen on making the best of his life. Eventually, that yearning for something more came back he wanted to do something beyond brewing, he wanted something beyond reading, he realized what he wanted was to serve his nation. He enlisted into the army not knowing that this action would eventually cause catastrophe.

Once Again Partaking in Conflict

Msafr had partaken in the destruction of the unclaimed, and forgotten town of Baumstadt he once again unknowingly helped in the soon-to-come catastrophe. Days went on normally until a nation known as Aristios tensions were about to climax. The destruction of Baumstadt angered Aristios as they saw it as the land they owned, a land they had believed they claimed. So they set up a small base on side of Azad. As ordered by CSkiddy a small group of soldiers was sent to investigate such a base. This group consisted of Msafr, DudelyFudder, and SuperAbbe. The base was armed by many men some of which were hired bandits that scared away all that came close. The group sought to recollect their thoughts and grabbed a few more people to help kill the bandit and discuss with the people that were at the base. The citizen patriarch of Kur'um and Imviplayss patriarch of Andul were asked to help out. As they arrived at the base they drank elixirs to grant them the strength to kill off the bandits. As the neared a falls seeing of the bandit was proclaimed, Msafr shouted a phrase that would start the Azad Collapse he shouted "For Azad" as a sign that they were going to kill the bandits and protect their land. He thought it had been clear why he shouted it but it was mistaken by both sides that it was a sign of battle. Imviplayss shot a single arrow at the soldiers and it started the end of Azad. The men were massacred as the people severely out geared them. Citizen feared for his life and that he would lose everything he had gained, and sold out Azad. It was the end of a nation and it was all because of Msafr. The guilt even to this day is unbearable, knowing that his paradise, not everyone's paradise was taken because of him was too much. He once again questioned why he went on, questioned why everywhere he goes he brings chaos. But he remembered his island, the island where he had been reborn. He remembered that even if he faced challenges he could persevere.

Founding of New Life

The day that Azad fell saddened many around the world not just citizens. CSkiddy resigned from anything with it and passed it down to his right-hand man Transtonic, he also passed it down. The power was passed down many times after that until it was in no one's hands. All knew Azad was no more but some people stayed to fight even after CSkiddy said otherwise. Msafr was one of those people, he was set on fighting a war that had already been lost. He could not take losing his home, his paradise, he wanted to fight for it. Eventually, he realized too there was no fight to be had, and knew he needed to stop. He came to terms with the fall and was ready to help citizens evacuate and find refuge. But many nations were threatened by Aristios that if they harbored us, they would meet certain doom. So a few citizens set up a town in former Azad what was now called Astrya Novum. The same people that were the reason Msafr was at the base had left Azad, these people were DudelyFudder and SuperAbbe. Msafr eventually understood why they did this and stopped having his grudges against them and let it go. After many failed attempts to make it to the USSE with people known as Box and Yuh. He once again came in contact with Imviplayss and BMan. They had big plans, plans of reforming Azad. Msafr was in it all the way he wanted to help rebuild the nation be destroyed.


Imviplayss, BMan, Msafr, Yuh, and Vince, all decided to stay with Azad and form New Azad. They prayed to The Nuvenos triumvirate for days, weeks, maybe months, but all they knew is that their prayers were answered. An island rose in the dune sea, they named it after the God they believed to of made it, the island was named "Happanika". There Imviplayss, Bman, and Msafr set out to build a functioning government. Msafr now realized that this was the more he wished for. He went from being grateful to not being a leader to becoming one. Maybe the Gods knew that Azad would fall and so they granted the wish of Msafr. Msafr wanted a change in the way he did things he wanted to be more spiritual, and knowledgeable. Soon after searching far and wide, he found his dad a High Preist in the religion of Sagaism, and a leader of The Zerronic Empire. His father told him how he was not abandoned, but just lost, the efforts that his father put into finding him were impressive, but he eventually stopped looking as he lost hope in finding his son Msafr. But Msafr had put in just as much effort to find his dad and knew that it was a sign that the Gods had blessed him. He soon learned about Sagaism and saw how it focused on tales and stories, with morals and lessons. He now believed in a hybrid of both The Nuvenos religion and Sagaism. Becoming a reader, believer, and enjoyer of both.