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The subcontinents of Rathnir.

Rathnir, also known as the Old World, is the primary continent/world that the server is on. Its name comes from the old Paxian language, literally translating to "Thunder plane" ['rɑt̪θni:ɾ]. Rathnir is home to about half of the server population, and is host to the primary sub-continents of Alteniquia, Cymru, Haven, Nieden, Plagos, Sparwood, Sørligste, Syltör, and Ummarnu. In addition, a land to the east known as Eldham and somewhere in the world known as Jagdas exist, if it's not a separate world. Eldham is the only explorable region in-game that is outside of the nine regions of Rathnir. Jagdas was previously inhabited, but has since suffered an unknown cataclysm that caused its inhabitants to flee to Rathnir. Other faraway lands like Azia and Akan'nash are said to have been the ancestral homelands of various Rathnirites, but these places do not exist in-game.


There existed many people groups native to the region of Rathnir before the Jagdasian Migration occurred, most notable of these are peoples such as the Lamiatrophs, Niedene, Goshumese, and various Elven groups. It is disputed what has occurred before the migration due to the lack of unbiased records, however it is clear that several major conflicts occurred and Empires existed.

Following the migration states such as Yimmu-Audal, Rathnir would be changed forever as new states and cultures began to dominate with old ones fading to the background. Some peoples such as the Niedene would begin to fight tooth and nail to defend their homelands while others like Lamiatrophs would begin to assimilate into the new Empires.

Alternative Names

In the Asteri language of the Niedene people, the land is known as the Hemnerei [hemneɾai] which means "home realm." In the Aurlûnoren language, it is known as Senor.