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Sethris resides within the northwest quadrant of the map within Eldham, where it covers forests, mountains, jungles, tundras, oceans, and more. It is located along the Clevanor River, which is used for trade with nearby nations. The nation has unique beginnings and various stories and tales from its many backgrounds of people, which have been spread throughout its lands.


The centerpiece of Chrysnix, a large statue of a deer

The architectural design of Sethris includes complex designs typically consisting of blackstone and quartz, which can be seen primarily in the major cities of Avaris and Chrysnix. The grand style is said to reflect upon the Divine who created life out of the ashes for the Sethrian people. Statues are also common in Sethrian construction, typically depicting animals found in the nation. More modern architecture consists of a mix of stone and wood, typically in a fashion which provides insulation from the harsh Sethrian winters.



MW_Neoz, the former leader of the United Empire

Neoz Scare

After the United Empire was crushed by Uldarash, it left the weakened members of Applernia to pick up the pieces of their fallen nation. They would eventually decide to join Sethris in order to help repair the damages MW_Neoz, the former leader of the United Empire, and the Uldarash invasion had done to them. This would leave Neoz with a deep hatred of the Applernian people, though, and would cause many Sethrians to believe he had invasion plans to take Applernia back. Many Sethris citizens would prepare for the worst, unsure of what would be coming in the future as the nation was faced with its first conflict. War in MW_Neoz's home Rathnir nation of Akratia would delay his plans, though, and the eventual fall of the nation would bring them to a grinding halt. Though little diplomacy was done, the conflict is thought to be the first major diplomatic victory of Sethris.

Propaganda created during the Sethrian Market Coalition against the ETC

Sethrian Market Coalition

After the ETC declared war on the economic powerhouse nation of Druk Yul on its quest to become Eldham's sole economic superpower, Drako52 and fellow market nations such as Injah and Varn Torum would realize that they were likely soon to be attacked as well as the ETC looked for more economic power and the economy of Sethris slowly grew. They would form a coalition to liberate the conquered lands of Batu and free the world's economy from the hands of the ETC. When a declaration of war upon Bardonia thrust the lands of Rathnir into a world war, the coalition knew it had to take action. Drako52 and Mr_Superb would spearhead this group as they were both growing forces of the economy, and they would begin gathering new members. At the height of the coalition's power, Batu would find itself in a position to declare independence from the Bardonia and its colony, and the coalition disbanded before having to ever cross swords with its enemy.

Northwestern Keg

At the height of tensions between the Northern Lights alliance and the new government of Valore, the Verillion Imperium, Drako52 and Rad Kaijin would be attacked by members of Hussarias while exploring the lands and chopping trees, though Drako52 would be able to escape with his life. Hours after this event Creamy of the nation of Varn Torum would go to Hussarias and slaughter their people, which would prompt Hussarias to declare a crusade upon Sethris with the help of the Aristii chuch of Voclari. Drako52 of Sethris would immediately debunk many false claims presented by the groups attacking the innocent nation such as the Sethrians wandering the lands to scout for the Northern Lights and Creamy being a soldier from Sethris, and within hours all war declarations and support for the attackers had immediately been withdrawn as support flooded in from all corners of the world for Sethris. The Sethrian diplomatic team would immediately jump to mend the wounds caused to all groups involved by this conflict, as the Sethrian wish for peace remained true even after the threats of destruction.

Propaganda commonly used for Sethrian recruitment during the Yaszuma tensions

Yaszuma Tensions

While in the Northern Lights, tensions between Varn Torum and Yaszuma skyrocketed after their departure from the alliance. When Yaszuma declared war on Varn Torum, initially Sethris took an extremely peaceful stance on the matter, hoping for all to be resolved diplomatically. Drako52 would be informed of Yaszuma plans for after the war, though, and would pass these onto the Neires of Sethris, who would decide that an aggressive stance on the war would need to be taken. Luckily tensions were able to be deescalated before more damage could be done, but the trust between the northwest was deeply damaged due to the event.

Glanra Breakdown

A poster made by the Sethrian government declaring Always_Skorm and Kounsar as KoS

Not long after the election of PvPHorizon and the ascension of the Blizzard Coalition, Always_Skorm and Kounsar would declare independence from Sethris and form the nation of Glanra off the eastern coast of Sethris, near the town of old Pommevernia. They would fail to inform any officials or discuss terms of the declaration beforehand, enraging Sethrians as they found this declaration on their own. They would take the town of Rilleskia, owned by mDomino, and Fort_Zuka, an unnatural island built in the middle of the ocean. They would quickly be denounced by the Sethrian government, who would bring up their proven records of theft and lying to justify not recognizing their claims. Negotiations between the groups would prove entirely unproductive as neither side was willing to bend to the other, and the threats of war began to grow for both sides. As Sethris readied itself for a full-scale offensive operation, Kounsar continued to refuse to back down and readied his people as well. As the negotiations continued, the two would be offered to leave the land and join another nation far from Sethris. Kounsar would finally give in and decide the war effort was purposeless and abandoned Fort_Zuka, though would ultimately betray the diplomat who invited them to their nation and run to an unknown location in Eldham. They would continue to keep the claim Kaltaris, though, as it was their original claim in Sethris. This would be a point of contingency with the Sethrian government, as they lacked trust for the two and wanted the claim gone. After a fierce debate, Kounsar would eventually agree to leave Kaltaris in exchange for keeping neutral relations with them outside of the nation. Weeks would pass without much event, however, due to close proximity between the two and Glanra's quick withdrawal from Sethrian lands, the groups would come to interact again, with Always_Skorm frequently contacting Drako52. Many of these interactions would range from direct threats to asking for pardons from their national Kill on Sight order, though due to the nature of the interactions, no pardons would ever be considered.

Vassal Glanra Tensions

Glanran propaganda made to slander Drako52 and the Sethrian state

As Glanra gained power as a vassal of Heliosos, Always_Skorm would begin to create propaganda against Sethris. Drako52, seeing this, would return with his own, poking fun at Glanra for violating the very terms they had agreed to. Always_Skorm would take this further, though, continuing to post false propaganda and slander both Drako52 and the Sethrian state with false news, memes, propaganda, and the like. Many Sethrians would join together in debunking the claims made by the rouge leader. Glanra would go silent after many days of these events, eventually fading back into the shadows of Eldham as many of its citizens went dormant and its leaders turned their focus to other efforts.

Electoral Parties

The flag of Sethris, the symbol used by the Democratic Party of Sethris

Democratic Party of Sethris

The primary party of the nation, led by Drako52. Its core values are the same the nation was originally founded upon; those being peace, freedom, prosperity, and representation for its people. It pushed for neutrality on international affairs and focus on internal function, such as activity and town development. It also promoted trade and economic cooperation throughout the north of Eldham.

Propaganda created by the SFR before their transition to the IRS

Imperial Republic of Sethris

The Imperial Republic of Sethris (also known as the IRS), was the successor to the Sethris Fascist Republic. It was led by galaxy_guy56 and pushed for strong reforms of the Sethrian government. It focused on economic reforms, though many of their planned reforms broke the established laws of both Sethris and Eldham as a whole, as well as planned to invade nations surrounding Sethris to increase national prestige. Galaxy_guy56 would present Drako52 with an ultimatum to turn the nation over to him in early January, which would be met with an immediate decline. This would cause the party to plan a violent takeover, though they would be stopped by Bongo and Gorb, new players interesting in attempting to run the nation. The two would sway the party into choosing to peacefully implement their ideas by helping Bongo and Gorb become the next leaders of the nation.

The symbol used by the People's Party of Sethris

People's Party of Sethris

One of the more popular parties of the nation, the People's Party of Sethris, led by Threek, would push for bringing international attention to Sethris. They planned to take strong stances on international matters, increase trade, develop culture, and expand cities. They planned to make government direct and controlled heavily by the civilians of the nation with implementations such as the vüNejre and National Democratic Centralism. Their ideas planned to modernize many government aspects of the nation, though those who didn't look into their policies were often scared away by the communist aspects of their campaign.

The symbol used by the Monarchist Party of Sethris

Monarchist Party of Sethris

The Monarchist Party of Sethris, led by appelbanaan, would be the least active of the Sethrian parties. They would push for monarchist reforms within the nation, mainly involving the creation of a king within the nation. They would have little support due to their lack of further ideals.

Breakthrough Party

The Breakthrough Party, led by PvPHorizon, would be a party focused around developing economics within Sethris. Parts of their campaign would include citizen jobs, domestic production, and economic freedom. It would become very popular in the town of Whiteridge where many different Sethrian products were produced.

The symbol used by the Sethris Guard Party

Sethris Guard Party

The Sethris Guard Party, led by Daos, would be a party focused on developing the lore and religious aspects of the nation. They would also plan to help the nation's population recover and planned to make Drako52 into a figurehead king of the nation with no particular powers. The party would be founded within the Sethrian religion of Kelanzör's Watchmen where its heavy theocratic themes would be rooted in.

The symbol used by the Sethris Militaristic Party

Sethris Militaristic Party

The Sethris Militaristic Party, led by Always_Skorm, would have little development but would have key values set in developing the Sethrian military and gaining more land and colonies. The party would publish large amounts of propaganda compared to other parties, famously filling the streets of Avaris with signs prompting passersby to "VOTE FOR SKORM2022".

Federalist Party of Sethris

The Symbol Used by the Federalist Party of Sethris

Founded by PickleOnAStick, The Federalist Party of Sethris advocates for Sethris to be reformed into a federation of semi-independent republics based on ethnic and linguistic lines, all unified by the central government. The Federalist party also advocates for military reforms and standardization, as well as the construction and decoration of further infrastructure and general Sethrian countryside.

Leadership and Grand Kagneres

Volt Kallen (Drako52), founder of Sethris

First Reign of Drako52

From the very beginning of the nation until the month of January 2022, Drako52 would remain the sole president of the nation. After proving his leadership skills to the original members of the nation during its creation, he would be easily elected the leader, and this trend of members electing him would continue until his eventual resignation in January. During his continual election wins, he would take many steps to help the nation grow and develop. He would solidify himself as a strong diplomat throughout the west after doing what many saw as trumping Aristios diplomatically after their hasty declaration of war. He would find that over time this difficult job would weigh on his mental state, though, and eventually this would force him to resign from his position and step down for the first time since the creation of the nation.

Election campaign poster for Bongo and Gorb

Era of Bongo and Gorb

After Drako52 resigned from his role as Grand Kagnere of Sethris, Bongo and his associate Gorb would find themselves in charge of the nation. They would strike an agreement previously with the IRS, or Imperial Republic of Sethris, to implement some of the groups ideas into the nation in exchange for stopping a forceful re against the current government. Along with these ideas they would also usher in modern ideas and changes, though soon after suggesting these ideas Bongo and soon after Gorb would both disappear from the nation, leaving their ideas and those of the IRS to remain unimplemented. As the next election period began to approach, the question of who would assume leadership of the nation next burned in everyone's minds.

Clash of the Parties

Meme propaganda created during the Clash of the Parties

After the disappearance of Bongo and Gorb, it would leave the remaining Sethrian parties to begin campaigning for the upcoming election. The IRS would soon crumble as the leader, galaxy_guy56, would leave to join the USSE after Bongo failed to hold his side of their agreement. The Monarchist Party of Sethris would campaign in small quantities, though its leader would eventually decide that he would not be able to lead the nation effectively at the time. This would lead the People's Party of Sethris to dominate the campaign scene for multiple days. Drako52 would see the nation in a weakened state after these events, though, and decided something had to be done. He would return from his peaceful rest as a civilian and begin a campaign of his own under the Democratic Party of Sethris, which he would now spearhead. With the elections drawing ever closer, the candidates would now be reduced to Drako52 of the Democratic Party and Threek of the People's Party. When the elections came to a close at the start of February, the results would end with a decisive win for Drako52.

The Return of Drako52

With Bongo and Gorb gone, Drako52 would have a tough task ahead of him. He would have to restore the inactivity that now plagued the nation, along with the constant threat of both outside and inside conflicts. The extremist parties of the nation began to lose influence after the results of the February election, leaving the Democratic Party as the main party of the nation once again.

The Blizzard Coalition and Antares

With his February term coming to an end, Drako52 would decide that he had ruled enough in his time in Sethris. However, Daos would push him to run one last time as PvPHorizon of the Breakthrough Party, Daos of the Sethris Guard Party, and Always_Skorm of the Sethris Militaristic Party entered the ring as well. Though he still had no desire to become president again, he agreed to run one last time. The election would remain heavily tied for its entire duration, eventually ending in an extremely close race with PvPHorizon barely winning over Daos by a mere 2 votes. However, afterwards PvPHorizon would decide to form a coalition government with Daos and Always_Skorm, which would come to be known as the Blizzard Coalition. This would leave PvPHorizon with the position of Grand Kagnere and give Daos and Always_Skorm the position of Khioneas. Shortly into their term they would begin pushing for changes, including economic, recruitment, and lore changes. They would push for the recently wed couple of Drako52 and Leafeon47 to become the Antare, or royalty, of the nation, which they would oppose until finally accepting it after enough support was gathered for the movement. After the events of the Kaltaris breakdown occurred, Always_Skorm's exile from the nation would leave Daos as the sole Khioneas of the nation.

The Blizzard's 2nd Phase

Sethrian meme propaganda created by Daos during his reign as Grand Kagnere to combat against the flood of propaganda made by Always_Skorm

As the April elections began, the candidates would become PvPHorizon, Daos, Twiggett, and Leafeon47, with PvPHorizon and Daos both running under the Blizzard Coalition and supporting its joint goals while Twiggett ran to achieve a more respected and globally powerful Sethrian state. The votes would stay largely tied between PvPHorizon and Daos, with Twiggett not far behind. The election would be decided by a single vote, which would end with Threek, a well known supporter of the Blizzard Coalition, paying a citizen to vote for Daos. This would spark a controversy between some of the candidates, namely Twiggett, who would argue against the legality of such actions. After being elected the Grand Kagnere, Daos would immediately outlaw this action to prevent further controversies in the future. He would continue on to help grow the Sethrian community and bolster the spirits of the citizens as they were barraged by the Glanran propaganda.

Alliances and Affiliations

The Ancestral Alliance

The Ancestral Alliance would be the first affiliation of Sethris along with many other new nations, including nations that it would later interact with, such as Injah and Varn Torum. Due to the large amount of members the group would have, it would disband after only a few operations, namely fighting against the Gunpeak cowboys.

The UNE, a general council for creating universal laws across Eldham

UNE Work

The UNE, a group dedicated to delegating laws throughout the lands of Eldham, would decide on placing a headquarters against the borders of Sethris. The owners of the land, KATO, would first be strictly against the creation of the UNE headquarters in their land, which would prompt a joint effort by Drako52 and yoissy, the founder of the UNE, to gain the land for the headquarters to be built. After multiple days of negotiations, KATO would eventually decide to give in and sell the land to yoissy, who would then be able to create the headquarters. This operation left yoissy, AWE, and the UNE as a whole on good terms with Sethris.

The flag of Valesco, a fallen power of Eldham

Valesco Vassalization

After the Ancestral Alliance crumbled, the core nations of the alliance were invited to a new alliance, led by the nation Valesco. The nations gladly accepted this new alliance, though the terms of joining had not been fully detailed to many of them. While most expected it to be purely an alliance, all nations within the alliance were vassalized by Valesco and held under its control. Many nations, including Sethris, were unhappy with this, and as the alliance began to weaken for the same reasons as the Ancestral Alliance, it was fully annexed by the nation of Ravenguard.

Ravenguard Vassalization

Though Sethris had specifically not been given to Ravenguard in the annexation of Valesco, it was detailed as such by mapmakers soon after the announcement. This error caused much confusion within the nation, as they had specifically requested to not join the nation of Ravenguard. Luckily Ravenguard was understanding and allowed Sethris to easily leave after this error.

The Northern Lights

During the chaos of the Neoz Scare, Sethris decided to join the Northern Lights, a new alliance forming in the northwest of Eldham. This would be the first long lasting alliance Sethris would be involved in, consisting of nations it had been on good terms with prior, such as Yaszuma and Varn Torum. This alliance would be built around keeping peace in the northwest and developing the nations within it, and would be very successful in its early days. It would later begin to spiral into chaos after Yaszuma left, which would prompt Sethris to make a choice of what stance to take with the alliance. Yaszuma grew to be a large threat to the alliance, though when was declared much of the alliance, including Sethris, was extremely hesitant to fight and instead pushed for a peaceful resolution. After peace was achieved, the group began to look forward, and eventually decided to form the Constellation of the North.

The Constellation of the North

The current alliance of Sethris, though one it takes like action in. After its internal struggles, Sethris chose to focus on its own issues, which has led it to take few stances in the alliance, though it participates when it is able to.



The nation of Sethris is made of many nomads from every corner of the world, meaning they have extremely diverse races and cultures. These include Eons, Mushroom Men, humans, Magi, elves, Mer, Warforged, Dräconbrood, Hrabians, and many other rare species found in many different places across the globe, some of them even being exclusively in Sethris due to extinction events in their homeland.


Having a core value of the nation being freedom of religion, the people of Sethris worship many gods. While this has lead to minor religious tensions within Sethris, everything has remained peaceful, at least for now.


Previously the most popular religion in Sethris, it has had a decline in followers in Sethris in the recent months. The Sethrian branch of Solonism was mainly based in Zirbenberg, where there is a Solonist temple. Many Sethrian followers of the religion would convert to Kelanzör's Watchmen following the abandonment of many Solonist temples and cities.

The Children of Ogór

The Children of Ogór, also known as the Picklist religion in Sethris because of their worship of sea pickles, is a faith deeply tied to the Hrabian race. The faith temporarily vanished from Sethris but has since returned. The religion follows the belief that there are multiple universes, all infected with a sort of decay growing beneath their surfaces, binding them all to a fate of ultimate destruction. Only through the construction of a network of temples lined with sea pickles (as they act as conduits for the power of their god, Ogór's preservitory aura) can they save the realm. This is the majority religion in Ogórogród and Mekhanja.

Kelanzör's Watchmen

Kalenzor's Watchmen, or The Watchmen or The Watch for short, is a religion founded by Daos of Sethris and Threek. They are an offshoot of Sagaism and are influenced by Solonist practices because of their history with the religion. The Watchmen are based in Watcher's Keep, but have followers all around the nation, with towers in Zirbenberg and Whiteridge with others planned. The eventual goal is to take over the entire world of Eldham and defeat the "voidlings" once and for all.

Church of the Three

A historic religion within Sethris, it was first created by ecoolasice within the town of Dusklight, residing high upon the Sethrian mountain ranges. It would primarily focus around 3 gods: Helion'vul, Allen'tenite, and Zeit'tulithpe. Helion'vul would control light, change, and matter, and would be represented by a yellow flame. Allen'tenite would control life, death, and energy, and would be represented by a blue flame. Finally, Zeit'tulithpe would control space, time, and void, and would be represented by a red flame.


Day of Frost

The Day of Frost is the celebration of the anniversary of the creation of Sethris, which takes place on May 31st each year. It is the largest and most grand of their festivals, as few nations are able to reach this historic landmark.


Traditional Sethrian weddings are typically refined and elegant in contrast to the brutal and cruel nature of many other aspects of the nation. Weddings are thought to be holy rituals, and unless the newlyweds are of direct political importance, are to have no connection to the state. Blue orchids are common at Sethrian weddings, which can be harvested from the northern swamps of the nation. The beautiful blue blossoms of the flowers are said to symbolize the growth of love against the harsh tundra that covers much of the lands, making them essential for any proper wedding event. The couple are to walk down the wedding aisle side by side, then face each other once they reach the priest. From there, the wedding ceremony will proceed. The couple is presented with matching silver rings, sometimes engraved with the names of the other's partner. It is also common for groom to present the bride with a silver necklace adorned with an ice shard from the Chrysnix mines. The ice from the Chrysnix mines is known to be extremely resistant to melting and symbolizes the everlasting relationship of the marriage. After being wed, if the couple is of political importance, the flag of Sethris is draped around them to symbolize their new joint importance in the state. Afterwards, it is common that the couple dances together, takes pictures, and receive gifts to remember their day.

Major Towns

Avaris, capital of Sethris

Avaris, Capital of Sethris [Owned by Drako52]


Krowice [Owned by Pinvheel]

Watcher's Keep

Watcher's Keep [Owned by DrogulFemelior]


Zirbenburg [Owned by t_brutus]


Chrysnix [Owned by DABOMBASTUDIOUS]


Whiteridge [Owned by PvPHorizon]

Mar Isylian

Mar Isylian [Owned by jacw]

Minor towns and villages: